Monday, December 22, 2008

Welcome to my blog

I have this color and it doesn't look like this! I wish it looked like this...

On me it just looks black and if you look really really closely, (doesn't matter, inside or outside) you might see a faint glimmer of reddish, but you have to know it's there.
This is Sally Hanson Glossy.

I had much better luck with a plain black topped with a black with red glitter in it. I'll post a picture of that as soon as I get a camera and all that. I'm jumping the gun a little bit, but wanted to get my blog going!!
I started reading nail polish blogs for two reasons:

1) Part of my job requires me being in the county jail and there is MRSA and boils and all kinds of nasty there. I had a bad habit of picking at my cuticles and always had bad hangnails and basically, open wounds. I decided to start taking care of my cuticles in order to make sure I stayed healthy.
2) My coworker loves girly girl stuff and always had the cutest colors of makeup and nail polish (and sunglasses and sparkly pens...) so I started wearing some different colors.

Then I just went all nuts and started reading about nail care and polish and the crazy continues. I read nail polish blogs and bookmark them and check them obsessively, so now I hope someone will check mine.

It's been great to find people with similar skin tone or nail problems and find out what they do.

A little nail polish bottle holder is an amazing and fun thing. This is tipped to one side and you can lay the bottle down in both directions depending on how much is left in it. This is really helpful when I'm running low on my base and top coats but don't want to give it up yet.

That's a cute bottle of cuticle oil there... It's called Hoof - Take the Plunge Cuticle Oil. Any cuticle oil will do...Sally Hanson has one that smells like Love's Baby Soft. Remember that from junior high?


  1. Welcome to the nail fanatics world! I love all the polish blogs. Nice to read another. What is MRSA? Scary place to go to. I have a friend who's Mom used to work at the county jail. She used to be a Sheriff's Officer. Stories that she has are scary and crazy.

  2. Lucy, MRSA is methocillin-resistent staphococcilla aneas or something similar and it stands for an extremely anti-biotic-resistent staph infection. It is a crazy scary place for sure! Thank you for following me, you don't know how awesome that is!